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"It's been exciting to work with the latest cutting edge technology from Acres 4.0, along with the current state of the art gaming devices (Apple iPads). This has resulted in a whole lotta fun for our customers. Not to mention that it's been very profitable for the bars where we have electronic gambling and profitable for the charity, too." — Colin Minehart
Gambling Manager
MLBA Children's Fund

"Express Games has created a platform for fundraising that is an amazing breakthrough. Using new electronic devices to re-invent old paper-style and light gambling games, their technologies are making the new Vikings Stadium a reality. Others who can benefit are Minnesota Charities, the Minnesota veterans organizations, various fraternal and civic organizations, and our bars and restaurants throughout the entire State of Minnesota." — Frank Ball
Executive Director
Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association

"We have been looking at ways of generating more revenue for the Airport Foundation and expanding our gaming operations seemed like a great source. Not only did we choose Express Games' product because of the highly secure wireless system, but also for the user-friendly interface and high-end technology. Express Games has accommodated our specific needs throughout the implementation, allowing employees to use a simple card swipe log-in procedure and the ability to print reports on location." — Jana Vaughn
Executive Director
Airport Foundation MSP

"It's been exciting to be part of a new venture. Our hope was that the extra work and risk would be worth the effort. The bottom line so far has helped to provide additional income to help pay our naturalist's salaries. The Prairie Ecology Bus Center's naturalist instructors lead on-site and outreach educational programs for children and adults." — Terry Wheeler
Gambling Manager
Prairie Ecology Bus Center