Express Games creates fun, secure and reliable gaming systems for the distribution of electronic wagering products. Our job is twofold:

1)  to deliver a high quality entertainment experience to players.

2)  to provide an easy-to-use operational and reporting platform for charities and gaming locations.

 We accomplish this through the vision and experience of our co-founders as well as our exclusive business relationship with our technology supplier, Acres 4.0.

Our Team:

Jon Weaver
CEO & Co-Founder of Express Games

In ’85, Jon Weaver began his career as a city manager in rural Michigan. Following a brief, but successful stint in local government, Jon turned his energies toward residential and commercial real estate development. After a 20 year career as a partner in a Michigan based development company, Jon established Weaver Entertainment, a technology and entertainment company, where he serves as CEO.

email: jon.weaver@express-games.com

Mary Ellen Moschetti
Co-Founder of Express Games

Mary Ellen Moschetti co-founded Data Processing Resource Corporation (DPRC), an information technology staffing company in 1985.  During her tenure, DPRC grew to over 3500 employees with offices located throughout the US and internationally.   Mary Ellen took DPRC public in the mid-90′s then sold the company in 1999.  Mary Ellen currently owns a boutique staffing company, ME Weaver and Associates and is majority owner and CEO of Denimocracy, an LA-based denim company.

Jon and Mary Ellen bring substantial entrepreneurial and operational capabilities to Express Games.

Our Technology Partner

Acres 4.0

The first chapter of the Acres 4.0 story began in 1985 with their invention of electronic player tracking at Electronic Data Technologies (EDT). Chapter Two continued that story with Mikohn in 1986 where John Acres in 1993 with his team founded the modern progressive jackpot system. Next came Chapter Three in Acres Gaming where he invented the concept of system bonusing.  These products transformed the gaming industry and are still used by virtually every casino in the world.

Chapter Four of John Acres’s career, Acres 4.0 began in 2006 and continues today. A key business focus of Acres 4.0 is the creation of entertaining games for deployment in non-traditional gambling markets, such as charitable gaming.